Vintage Train Party

Choo choo William turns two vintage train party!  This sweet yellow and black vintage train party was held at The Yarra Valley railway in Healesville, Victoria. 

train birthday party ideas

I just love that my friends have faith in me putting their little one’s parties together!   Kylie came to me with the idea of little William having a Choo Choo turning two train party.   We wanted to incorporate a train ride into the party for the tiny tots so ended up in Kylie’s home town of Healesville, Victoria.

The Yarra Valley Railway is a gorgeous historic yellow and black Walker RM22 Railmotor.  Big and little people were escorted away on a scenic trip from Healesville to Tunnel Hill, under the Donovan’s Road overbridge and through the historic tunnel at Tarrawarra Winery.

boys train dessert table

We decided to use yellow and black with a touch of vintage charm for William’s Party given the vintage train ride and location of the party.

I loved finding old treasures whilst “working” (it is really more fun than work!!) on this party.  On my travels I came across a wonderful old rail/road light and off course some classic suitcases.   I got my talented husband onto the job of making a “railway” to display our gorgeous treats on.  He did such a good job of the railroad that I got him to make us our Birthday Crossing sign.  (It really is helpful having a handyman husband in this line of work).

boys birthday train party

The table came together nicely with special treats by the very talented bakers in the Tiny Tots Events  life, Sue at Badger Creek Cookies & Cakes and Caz from Nectar and Stone.  Sue came up with our stunning cookies, cake topper, rustic cakes and mini cupcakes.  Whilst Caz made the divine macarons and oreo chocolate pyramids.

William’s Mummy, Kylie made the delicious birthday cake and put a special little “luggage lunch box” together for each tiny tot to enjoy after their train ride.  Each piece of luggage included healthy and yummy snacks and a train whistle for William’s little guests to take home after the party as a thank you treat.   Luggage tags were made for each guest and we tried our hand at linen printed bunting which turned out so well for this party.

train party

The vintage train party was so much fun to create for little Will’s 2nd birthday party.  If you love this theme or any ideas from the party feel free to contact us to assist you with your little one’s party!